A Father’s Love Letter

The words you are about to experience are true. For they come from the very heart of God. He loves YOU. And He is the Father you have been looking for all your life. This is His love letter to you. My Child, You may not know me, but I know everything about you.  Psalm... Continue Reading →

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My Beloved: A Preservation of Memories

How do you immortalize the love of two individuals meant for each other. Two sweethearts clinging to each other when cancer wants to consume and destroy one of them and collaterally destroy the other. Taken on our wedding day My beloved and I met in the birth era of online dating. He signed up for... Continue Reading →

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ABC’s of Salvation

While I have dedicated a section of my blog to my faith https://lifeandirises.home.blog/cancer-and-the-christian-comfort-in-the-scriptures/ and also in these blog posts in particular https://lifeandirises.home.blog/2019/12/16/what-is-brave-its-short-for-brave-er-y/ and https://lifeandirises.home.blog/2020/10/21/wrapping-the-reigns/ tho I have also written in others, those ones jump out specifically it is important to me to express where my strength and hope lies openly among my other writings here.... Continue Reading →

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Presenting My Case to Hang In There

Getting a Stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis can be hard. You may wonder what does this mean? Am I going to die tomorrow? While the disease at this stage is incurable it can still be treatable and these treatments can be tolerable and give you good quality of life. Metastatic breast cancer is a terminal... Continue Reading →

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Finding Peace in the Uncertain

How can you find peace or comfort when things around you feel like they are in shambles? How do you get out of bed everyday and trudge forward when it could be very easy to huddle in a corner or under your covers? How do you pick up shards of what was once your life... Continue Reading →

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The Story Behind the Name – Life and Irises

When my husband and I bought our home many years ago beside the back door was a large Iris plant we inherited. It always brought forth giant purple blossoms. Well, for the first several years that Iris plant was safe. But every year after that despite my best intentions to avoid damaging it as I... Continue Reading →

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What is Brave? Brave is Short for Brave-er-y

When it comes to matters of faith and cancer I have alot things rumbling around in my brain. First, very often I have very well intending people tell me to speak against my cancer. Fight my cancer with my words. Because the secret they say to have a good reality or outcome for ourselves and... Continue Reading →

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Hello, My name is Samantha and I am a 39 year old Christian woman living with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer that had progressed from Stage 2 in less than a yr (diagnosed MBC May 2019, diagnosed Stage 2 July 2018 ). I have bone mets throughout most of my skeleton including 12 vertebrae in... Continue Reading →

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The Language of Cancer

Cancer has a way of speaking. It has many ways of accomplishing its mission of messing with your mind and messing with your body. It likes to take center stage and control how its viewed and it does that through how it gets you to talk about it and how it gets other's to talk... Continue Reading →

A Look Inside Scanxiety

I am waiting again. Waiting to see what my scans say once the barium is drunk and the radioactive tracers are injected. Every 3 months I go through what many of us in the MBC community know as scanxiety, and it gets harder not easier everytime. Harder to swallow the barium, harder to lay down... Continue Reading →


One of the things that is my constant companion in this cancer odyssey I have been forced to trek, endure, living with Metastatic/Stage 4 breast cancer is pain. Pain in varying degrees. Pain that makes me cry. Pain that makes me want to scream. Pain that makes me want to throw something. Pain that leaves... Continue Reading →

The Labyrinth

No one alive wants to get cancer. In fact we do everything to try to avoid it. We scour the internet for cancer repelling tricks, search out doctors and health gurus for the keys to the right combinations of foods,supplements and advise hoping to hedge our bets with the promise of avoidance. However the day... Continue Reading →

To Old Friends

During this time of year when spring is about to sprout from the ground I'm reminded of the elderly. For quite some time before my cancer diagnosis my beloved and I volunteered at a nursing home/hospice. They had a really nice grand piano that lived in a giant great room when you first come in.... Continue Reading →

Finding Sweetness, Maturing Ones Perspective

Sometimes when walking through life with a serious illness like Stage 4 cancer it can be hard to find sweetness in our everyday interactions with others, our relationship with God, even just generally, the puffy storm cloud above our heads raging with its rumbles and spiderweb-like blanketing lightning feels like a dead give away to... Continue Reading →

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